Ana Otero

My name is Ana Otero, I am a designer and transdisciplinary researcher with a long career in strategic communication design for museums and educational and corporate environments. I hold a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), a Master of Arts in Museum and Curatorial Studies from New York University and a Master in Research and Experimentation in Design from BAU.

My doctoral research is about the material experimentation from food waste as a tool for eco-social mediation. The present socio-ecological crisis is also a crisis of perception and experience derived from an alienated vision of the world which leads us to perceive it as a collection of things we are not connected to and the ones we feel we are (no longer) part of.

Using performative design, my research seeks to experiment with new materialities developed from kitchen generated waste and with its political and aesthetic dimension as a mediating tool to change the paradigm of our relationship with our surroundings.