Camila René Maggi

I am Camila René Maggi, PhD student in Cultural Studies at BAU’s PhD Unit. I co-coordinate the research unit Institute of Political Materialities and I am part of the teaching staff of the Art Area in BAU’s Bachelor’s Degree in Design. I have a degree in architecture from the University of Seville and I am a founding member of the Autofabricantes Association.

My research work revolves around the development of projects and communities that bring together creative practices between art and design. I work on projects that hybridise disciplines and deploy subjects and technologies under the logic of free culture. I coordinate people, spaces and knowledge for the common creation of artefacts, experiences and ways that enable other ways of being and remaining in the world.

I am currently working on a practice-based doctoral thesis entitled The Extended Body: experimental practices between diversity, technologies and other imaginaries. In the thesis I research how to generate methodologies, tools and artefacts that allow us to rethink the aesthetic, critical, (dys)functional, political and speculative possibilities of diverse bodies and mediate new ways of producing kinship.