Ignasi Prat PhD

My name is Ignasi Prat Altimira, I am a visual artist with a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Artistic Production and Research from the University of Barcelona (UB). I hold a PhD in Art and Cultural Studies at BAU/UVIC.

I conceive my projects as expeditions to the imaginaries of power, focusing on its structures and self-representations, with the intention of understanding its nature and functioning. These incursions challenge the very power of the image – through long processes formalized mainly in serial photographic productions – in order to enter into a broad spectrum of the representation of power, ranging from the cultural and political imaginary of Franco’s elites to the visual identities of current politicians in social networks, passing through the official portraiture in democracy.

My doctoral thesis, based on my artistic practice, supports the testimony and interpretation of elected images, those conceived to represent the memory of rulers. The research is mainly concerned with the social life of these images, focusing on their topography, their functions and their circulation.