Jaume Pujagut

I am Jaume Pujagut, a self-taught graphic designer.

I have been interested in the promotion of culture for many years and am an advocate of collaborative projects. I have organised rock and pop music concerts (Gay & Company), I am founder of the Grrr collective and of the 10 x 14 design book collection. Editor of the Underguía project, scriptwriter and occasional DJ, member of the Board of Directors of ADGFAD (1997-2004) and I have written texts on graphic design in journals such as Visual, ON, De Diseño, ARDI, Discolic, ADGText, Graffica.

On a personal level I am carrying out visual research projects on the use of the book in book cover design (Metalibros) and on design works with stylistic, technical, or conceptual similarities (Mundos paralelos).