Josep Pagà

My name is Josep Pagà, I hold a degree from Escuela de Arte y Diseño de Amposta (ESARDI), a degree in Fashion Design from BAU, College of Arts and Design of Barcelona, and a Master’s Degree in Research and Experimentation in Design (BAU).

Currently, I teach within the Pattern Making department of the Fashion Design Degree and of the Master’s Degree in Fashion Design and Technology at BAU, in addition to being a pattern maker and freelance designer.

My doctoral research deals with the relationship between clothing and humans from the perspective of affection and codependence. Through the exploration of different artisanal techniques of the dressmaker’s profession, hybridized with machine learning tools —artificial intelligence—, I explore non-binary models of fashion production (garment in the service of) taking into account: the material, its process of transformation into an object and its use and post-use.