Mafe Moscoso PhD

My name is Mafe Moscoso, I am the anthropology professor and researcher at BAU, College of Arts and Design of Barcelona. I hold a PhD in Anthropology (Freie Universität Berlin) (2011), an MA in Migration and Refuge (UAM) (2006), and an MA in Cultural Studies (UASB) (2004). I did a postdoctoral residency at the Center for Area Studies (2012), at the Freie Universität Berlin. I was awarded the third Marqués de Lozoya National Research Prize in Spain (2011) and was nominated for the Ernst-Reuter-Prize by the Department of Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin (2011).

I work and research between/through/for/with/from the intersections between ethnography, writing and art. My main lines of research are memory and migrations, experimental ethnography, and anti-racist and feminist studies and practices. During the last years, I have explored the field of transdisciplinary methodologies, developing projects, workshops and seminars, inside and outside the university.

I assist doctoral theses that address ruminating epistemologies; colonial heritages, extractivisms and colonial imaginaries; ethnographic drawing from art, the political and the collective and new approaches to pattern-making and bodies.