Sergio Ramos PhD

My name is Sergio Ramos Cebrián, I have a PhD from the Doctoral Unit of BAU, College of Arts and Design of Barcelona. I hold a degree in music from Escola de Música de Catalunya (UOC). I studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona (UB). I hold a BA in Humanities from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). I also hold the Interuniversity Master´s degree in Research of Law of Culture from the Universidad Carlos III (UC3M) and the Universidad Nacional a Distancia (UNED).

I am interested in the relationship between the passive and active forms of materialization of cultural laws, institutional processes, cultural infrastructures, cultural practices and the democratic sense of public community politics.

My doctoral thesis focuses on the relationship between cultural spaces of proximity and cultural laws. I investigate the processes of materialization of cultural laws that are deployed in the different scales of public management of culture. I work on the historical institutional construction of the field of public culture in general, and of the community cultural proximity in particular.