Técnicas creativas para crecer

This project is based on the hypothesis that creativity is both a mechanism for self-discovery and a tool for communicating and expressing feelings, needs, concerns or desires, which can be a valuable resource for people with Down’s Syndrome and other neurological diversities.

The ultimate aim of this initiative is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities, and through the development of creative skills, helping them to participate fully in society, on an equal footing with the rest of the population.

The project combines a training programme aimed at job placement and a research follow-up to better understand the possibilities and needs of this group in the field of creativity and well-being. To this end, a course has been designed that combines both technical competences and the skills and attitudes needed to perform their jobs satisfactorily, boosting self-confidence and employability.

The course combined movement, body, dance and awareness-raising sessions with practical workshops and visits to designers’ and artists’ studios to familiarise them with different languages and creative fields. Students will be introduced to specific creative practices such as photography, audiovisual creation, fashion or graphic design, as well as delving into concentration and movement techniques that aim to provide students with greater self-awareness.

This initiative aims to stimulate individual and collective creativity, self-discovery and the acquisition of tools and languages to communicate and express themselves with others.

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