Alicia Kopf

I am Alicia Kopf (pseudonym of Imma Ávalos), a visual artist and a writer. I hold a BA in Fine Arts, BA in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature, and a Master of Advanced Studies in Intermedia Art from the University of Barcelona. I am currently a PhD student at BAU, Centro Universitario de Diseño, under the mentorship of Dr. Jaron Rowan.

My research activity is expressed in the form of exhibitions and literary productions in various formats, to which I give the name of Expanded Writing. In 2013 I received the GAC/DKV Award for my exhibition Seal Sounds Under the Floor.

My first novel, Hermano de hielo (Alpha Decay, 2016) won the Documenta and Llibreter 2016 awards, as well as the Ojo Crítico de Radio Nacional de España Award and the Cálamo Otra Mirada 2017. The novel, originally written in Catalan, has reached six editions and has been translated into nine languages.

I am currently working on the Speculative Intimacyresearch cycle, presented as an exhibition at Galeria Joan Prats in Barcelona in 2019 and at Culturgest Lisbon and Oporto in 2020-21.