Research groups


BAU currently has a research group called GREDITS (Grup de Recerca en Disseny i Transformació Social)( (SGR-514) which is recognised as a consolidated group by AGAUR (SGR 2017-2019).

Formed by a multidisciplinary group of professors of the Degree in Design, GREDITS is a collective research platform whose aim is to analyse, from a critical perspective, how social and technical changes impact on the form, concept and function of art and design.

Its main research lines are:

  • Exploration of new genealogies of art and design, including narratives of historical memory.
  • Design, ecology and gender as factors that are reflected in recent creative practices and theories.
  • New pedagogies and methodologies of research and teaching in art, design and the humanities.

IMP - Institute of Political Materialities

In turn, BAU hosts a research unit called IMP (Institute of Political Materialities) active since September 2020.

It is a space created to host and promote research and experimentation of projects based on creative practices between art, design, technology, science and the social.

IMP is currently working to connect different fields of knowledge through four trans and indisciplinary areas of work:

  • Caring in collective: where community health, affections and bodies are brought together.
  • Learning in action: where attention, presence and knowledge in action articulate ways of transmitting and creating knowledge.
  • Bodies and artefacts: where exploring, experimenting and creating other limits of the body, the environment and movement.
  • Instituting matters: where atoms, bits, essences and agencies come together to generate new tangible possibilities of the world.

In addition, each area of work includes different practices approached critically and creatively:

  • Design of experiments
  • Tools that teach
  • Recording and documentation
  • Prototyping
  • Radical interdependencies
  • Creative methodologies

PhD Unit

BAU’s Doctoral Unit organises the academic and administrative management of the activities related to doctoral studies, and was created with the aim of supporting and promoting the doctoral theses that are being developed at the centre. It is a space created to foster research, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and promote cooperation within the BAU research community.