Doctorate Programme in Design and Communication contributes to the qualitative growth of the high-level academic research related to the design and communication disciplines.

About the programme

This programme encourages and accompanies the realisation of rigorous and creative doctoral theses based on design projects. It has been created with an awareness of the importance that research and experimentation in design have both as academic practices and as environments for thinking and creating worlds.

On the other hand, close links that are established between design and other spheres of knowledge and with the communication sector in particular, offer an opportunity to enrich this research not only in technological or industrial terms, but also by delving into its philosophical, social, political, cultural and artistic dimensions.

Para ello, durante el programa se organizan de forma periódica talleres y seminarios de formación doctoral; se ofrece asesoramiento y tutela para las tesis doctorales en marcha; se organizan comisiones de seguimiento y evaluación de los diferentes proyectos; y se trabaja activamente para vincular a la comunidad doctoral con proyectos de investigación y de transferencia de conocimiento.

En el programa se premian la experimentación material y conceptual, la exploración de nuevos lenguajes y métodos de investigación, y la capacidad de hibridar prácticas críticas y creativas. Abriendo formas de investigar y aprendiendo desde y con proyectos de diseño y comunicación, el programa es pionero en el fomento de este tipo de tesis.

En la actualidad, el programa cuenta con diez plazas anuales. Todas las candidaturas deben presentar un preproyecto de investigación, que será evaluado por una comisión que tendrá lugar cada año a finales de septiembre.

Los doctorandos y doctorandas que accedan al programa se vincularán con cinco grupos de investigación consolidados por la Generalitat de Cataluña, en los que se pueden inscribir tesis doctorales y desarrollar proyectos de investigación: Traducción Audiovisual, Comunicación y Territorio (TRACTE), Learning Media and Social Interactions (LMI), Grupo de Investigación Educativa (GREUV), Instituto de Materialidades Políticas (IMP) y Grupo de Investigación en Diseño y Transformación Social (GREDITS).

PhD Unit

BAU’s Doctoral Unit organises the academic and administrative management of the activities related to doctoral studies, and was created with the aim of supporting and promoting the doctoral theses that are being developed at the centre. It is a space created to foster research, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and promote cooperation within the BAU research community.

Career opportunities

The main professional opportunities provided by this doctorate programme are:

  • Research in the doctorate programme’s specific fields (public or private institutions).
  • Teaching within the doctorate programme’s specific fields (public or private institutions).
  • Employment in public institutions/bodies (local, state or international).
  • Employment in private institutions/companies related to the specific fields of the programme.

Access, admission and enrolment

If you are interested in doing a PhD at BAU, we recommend that you first contact us for an initial consultation, make a proposal and assess your suitability for the programme.

Once the proposal has been validated, you will have to create a research plan, which will be evaluated by a doctoral commission. You should also attach the additional documentation specified in the pre-enrolment process.

The dates for the first period of enrolment in the course are:

    • Pre-registration: from June 19th to the 30th of 2023
    • Admission: from September 1st to 15th of 2023

The admission and enrolment process for the Doctorate Programme in Design and Communication is carried out through the Doctoral School of the UVIC-UCC.