Cecilia De Marinis PhD

I am Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Design Research and coordinator of GREDITS Research Group on Design and Social Transformation at BAU, College of Arts and Design of Barcelona.

I am an architect and PhD in Sustainable Urban Design (Roma Tre, 2014), Graduate Certificate of Higher Education Learning & Teaching (Deakin University, 2018), with a Master’s Degree in Architectural Design (Roma Tre, 2009). Postdoctoral stay in the area of Design Research at RMIT University (2017-18) and postdoctoral fellowship in the European Marie Sklodowska-Curie programme in the area of Design Research (RMIT Europe, 2015-16).

I research space from a phenomenological perspective, analysing the relationship between space and those who inhabit it with a focus on the dynamics of public space in cities, looking into inclusive and feminist practices. I also work and research in design pedagogy, with a focus on design research methodology, methods and ways of generating knowledge.