Cristina Real

My name is Cristina Real, I am a PhD student of Design and Communication program at BAU, College of Arts and Design of Barcelona. I am a senior technician in garment modeling. I am a graduate in Design (with major in Fashion), I hold a master’s degree in Art Curating in New Media and I am a full time pattern designer.

Pattern making is the discipline that accompanies me in my day to day, in my work. It has always caught my attention for its technical quality and its capacity for volume abstraction and translation. I also research new ways of pattern making development linked to technology: software, generative production models, 3D virtual bodies or parameterization.

My research focuses on the body/pattern/garment relation. It is addressing the idea of the body from the industrial, measurable and standardized point of view. It is also addressing different systems developed in fashion production to serve previously mentioned purposes. It can be deducted from the above, that the notion of the normative body (proportional and beautiful) has a fundamental weight in my research. However, the non-normative bodies, those for which fashion provides no answers, have a greater weight in my research.