Dr. Alejandra López Gabrielidis: speaker at the World Press Freedom Day Conference, Chile

On 2 May 2024, the NAVE Creation and Residence Centre in Santiago de Chile will host an event organised by UNESCO and the Government of Chile, in the framework of the 31st World Press Freedom Conference. This international meeting, entitled ‘The Challenges of Artistic Freedom and Creativity in the Context of the Environmental Crisis and Artificial Intelligence’, will bring together renowned artists, activists and cultural agents to debate and reflect on the current challenges facing artistic freedom.

Dr. Alejandra López Gabrielidis, coordinator of the PhD Unit and Professor at BAU will join international experts Patrick Kabanda and Nicolás Madoery, who will explore approaches to promote decent working conditions in the cultural and creative industries, including how AI can be integrated while respecting the rights of creators. The discussion will emphasise how digitisation is reshaping the cultural industry, discussing both opportunities and associated risks, such as unauthorised use of creations and biases in AI tools. In addition, the panel will examine these issues, convening diverse stakeholders from all regions to advocate for effective ways to protect the interests of artists and cultural professionals, ensuring that the rapid evolution and use of artificial intelligence does not harm them.

In this scene, the aforementioned Dr. Alejandra López Gabrielidis will be asked about her perception of the implications of the digital transformation and the increasing use of artificial intelligence. Drawing on her vast experience as an academic with a focus on the arts and in collaboration with artists and cultural practitioners, she will be asked about the possibilities and risks for creative processes. It will also explore how stakeholders can join forces to promote cultural diversity in the digital environment and ensure that artificial intelligence does not perpetuate or exacerbate existing prejudices and inequalities.

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